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Together with the local cooperative banks, DZ HYP offers private developers and real estate investors rapid, secure initial and follow-up financing for the construction, purchase and/or modernisation of homes. Both classical and customised loans, long fixed interest rates and a variety of special options add to the appeal of this service.

Forward-starting loans

VR-BaufiFuture – follow-up financing with secure loan terms

Our real estate financing solutions mean that you don’t have to sacrifice the smaller pleasures in life. With the right initial financing or favourable follow-up financing, you will benefit from favourable interest rates as well as increasing your financial leeway. We are offering this solution for initial or follow-up financings over the next 60 months with our VR-BaufiFuture forward-starting loan.

Follow-up financing

The fixed interest rate period for your existing loan expires in 6 to 60 months. Do you want to secure the current low interest rates for your follow-up financing right now? With our VR-BaufiFuture forward-starting loan you can fix the terms of your follow-up financing up to 60 months in advance.

Who can benefit from a forward-starting loan?

Any borrower planning initial financing within the next 6 to 60 months, or who has a loan where the fixed interest period expires during this period.

Your local cooperative bank will be happy to advise you on our forward-starting loan product so that you can remain confident into the future. Your local contact person is listed in the branch finder.