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Together with the local cooperative banks, DZ HYP offers private developers and real estate investors rapid, secure initial and follow-up financing for the construction, purchase and/or modernisation of homes. Both classical and customised loans, long fixed interest rates and a variety of special options add to the appeal of this service.

Stefan Hokamp

Stefan Hokamp

Head of Portfolio Servicing – South-West Germany
Thorsten Oeing

Thorsten Oeing

Head of Portfolio Servicing – North-East Germany

My contract

Please let us know your changes by completing the following forms. To do this, simply use the following easy-to-use forms, which you must complete, sign and return by e-mail or by post.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

Change of address / relocation notification

Please inform us of your new address in writing as soon as possible. If your new address is only effective from a certain date, please state this on the form.


Change in bank details

Please inform us of your new bank details using the form for issuing a SEPA basic direct debit mandate. For each loan we require a  separate authorisation (mandate). Please note that at least one account holder must also be a borrower.

Change of name

Please inform us of your change of name on the adjacent form and provide us with a copy of an official document (e.g. identity card, marriage certificate).



Please inform us of any changes to your repayment using the  adjacent form .