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DZ HYP is a sustainable partner to the housing sector. The Bank provides customised financing solutions to German housing enterprises, with fixed-rate periods of up to 30 years. Personal contacts and an expert team are at your side – this includes applications for KfW loans.

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Jürg Schönherr

Jürg Schönherr

Head of Housing Sector
Matthias Brauner

Matthias Brauner

Regional Director – Head of Housing Sector – Berlin Regional Centre
Udo Eggenhaus

Udo Eggenhaus

Head of Sales Support Housing Sector & Private Customers
Thomas Herngreen

Thomas Herngreen

Regional Director – Head of Housing Sector – Munich Regional Centre
Konrad Huwig

Konrad Huwig

Regional Director – Head of Housing Sector – Dusseldorf Regional Centre
Ingo Krabbe

Ingo Krabbe

Regional Director Housing Sector – Münster


Documentation for housing sector financings

We would like to gain a current overview of your company'sfinancial circumstances. As a bank, we have a natural interest in finding out about our clients' financial situation prior to extending a loan, based on your company documents and the property documentation. On top of this, section 18 of the German Banking Act (KWG) imposes a legal obligation for disclosure of financial circumstances. Compliance with this duty is strictly monitored by the German Federal Financial Services Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht – "BaFin").

This exchange of information is also necessary for the mandatory rating of your business. We are happy to provide an overview of the documents required for the granting of a loan. We will analyse these documents internally, and will discuss the results with you – in a spirit of partnership and trust.

Company-related documents

The following documents are important to us:

  • external auditors' report, to include the most recent financial statements;
  • financial statements and annual reports for the last two years;
  • depending on the date of the most recent annual report, preliminary financial statements or interim figures may be required;
  • business plan for the next five years.

Property-related documents

Whilst we endeavour to keep your efforts at a minimum, we require the following property-related documents:

Property documentsNew constructionExisting property
Current land registry entry
(if applicable, consents for entry in section II)
Official location plan/land registry mapXX
Year and type of construction X
Construction specificationsXX
Drawings/floor plansXX
Calculation of spaces and volumeXX
List of construction costsX 
List of modernisation costs For measures involving the property serving as collateral
Profitability calculationXFor measures involving the property serving as collateral
List of maintenance and modernisation work already performed X
Construction permitX 
Tenant list X
Commercial rental contracts (including annexes and supplements)XX
Current pictures of the property X
Certificate of insuranceXX

Additional property papers

We need the following documentation for

  • building leases: the building lease contract with all supplements and current ground rent
  • full or partial ownership: self-containment certificate and partition statement
  • publicly subsidised housing construction: subsidy notes and regulations

Depending on the type and condition of the property, further documentation or information may be required.

Surveyors for determining the mortgage lending value and for inspection

DZ HYP's surveyors evaluate the property earmarked for lending. Determining the mortgage lending value usually takes place  between agreeing on binding terms and conditions and the loan commitment. First, our valuation office complements the property documents you handed in by way ofadditional information such as rent index, property prices or general data on the location. The surveyor arranges an inspection appointment with an employee from the technical department of your company.