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Sandra Jahnke

Sandra Jahnke

Human Resources Officer
Simone Kloppenborg

Simone Kloppenborg

Human Resources Officer

Dual-Study Programme

Master of Science in Banking & Finance

Are y about to receive your higher education entrance qualification (Abitur), and aiming to combine bank/business-related studies with valuable practical experience? Then you’re in the right place! We offer you the possibility to complete a Master of Science Dual-Study Programme (Banking & Finance) with alternating theoretical and practical phases. This dual education programme lasts five years and includes:

  • the study programme leading to a Master of Science degree in Banking & Finance
  • in combination with the vocational training as a bank officer (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

What awaits you:

You will study at ADG Business School in Montabaur (in association with Steinbeis University Berlin), with the goal of obtaining the Master of Science in Banking & Finance degree within five years. The core content of the studies lies in the specialist qualification in the field of economics, with focus on finance & management.

Compulsory lectures at weekends and full-time job

Attendance at the lectures is mandatory: they take place at the weekends. Due to fewer periods of absence from the Bank and flexible study times during leisure time, you will be available to work full-time. DZ HYP will bear the costs for the studies, provided that you successfully complete the studies as well as the bank training.

Training as a bank officer

After successfully completing this education scheme, you will, besides the master’s degree mentioned already, also obtain a professional qualification as a bank officer. Students take the final examinationafter two years at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The training contents will be conveyed through intensive courses, in accordance with the training regulations, as well as through books, scripts and e-learning offers. Classes at the vocational school are not required. This way, within five years, you will acquire comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge regarding DZ HYP's business divisions.

Requirements for entering the Dual-Study Programme

  • Good academic performance, with the aim of obtaining a higher education entrance qualification for either universities or universities of applied science
  • Outstanding commitment, stress resistance and motivation
  • Distinctive client and service orientation
  • Strong team spirit

We look forward to your application. If you have any questions, you are most welcome to give us a call.