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André Jahn

André Jahn

Human Ressources Officer
Arne Schneider

Arne Schneider

Head of Human Ressources

Young professionals

As an employer, we offer first-class and individual development opportunities. Timely and challenging concepts for continuous professional development – with in-house seminars, external training courses, a targeted leadership development and language courses will advance your career.

Work/study courses

Many of our employees aim for a professional advancement in form of work/study courses. We facilitate this through our cooperation with ADG Business School (associated with Steinbeis University Berlin). We will support you – from the selection of your in-service and industry-focused study programme up until graduation. Thus you will be qualified for future challenges and responsible management tasks.

Support programme to empower the next generation

Besides traditional management career paths, DZ HYP offers the opportunity of a specialist career, focusing either on a specific business or a certain topic. This way, thanks to our next generation empowerment programme, we offer you the chance of individual development without taking on management responsibility. This programme is intended for  employees seeking continuous qualification and promotion, independent from a specific career path. It rounds off our range of employee development programmes by flexibly complementing opportunities for the classic target groups.


  • above-average professional expertise;
  • strong social skills; 
  • successful completion of vocational training and CPD.

The programme runs for a duration of three years, starting with an individual potential and personality analysis at Akademie der Genossenschaften (ADG). A broad set of measures provides participants with a well-coordinated combination of practical approach and theoretical background:

  • two annual gatherings with the Management Board and the Head of Human Resources related to strategic topics at DZ HYP (fireside chat or breakfast with the Management Board);
  • participation in selected modules based on the cooperative management principles of Geno Akademie (self-guidance, conflict management, change management, leadership and coaching, creativity, team/outdoor events, visions, health);
  • events at affiliated companies within the Cooperative Financial Network;
  • strong involvement of participants in projects;
  • work placements at other divisions, or in the Cooperative Financial Network;
  • participation in special/personal development seminars.