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Arne Schneider

Arne Schneider

Head of Human Ressources
Katharina Lindenbaum

Katharina Lindenbaum

Head of HR department Münster


Join us in shaping the success of the Bank …

... and in new digital arenas

In addition to traditional banking fields, we are currently expanding our capacity in the digital arena dramatically. Strict regulatory requirements on information risk and security management, as well as central data management, are more to us than an obligation. We are using this as an impetus to unlock strategic potential in a thoughtful and sustained way. It is clear to us that our future as a leading and modern real estate bank is predicated on our digital growth. That is why we are expanding to include new units: 'central data management' and 'information risk and security management'.

Central Data Management

Data is a valuable commodity for our business. How we manage it drives us to perform at our best. Central data management is a unit that touches on every aspect that is important for managing the Bank. In future, no department will be without bundled, coordinated and prepared information from our specialists. In addition, they also understand the regulatory requirements of risk controlling. Amongst other things, this requires direct reporting, and the ability to react quickly and transparently to crises.

Transmitting information is a particular challenge. These experts are confronted with a wide variety of different issues. They have to adeptly navigate the data warehouse, harvest the information needed within a short period of time, and perform new tasks on a daily basis. The work of central data management is extremely diverse and dynamic, requiring a high degree of flexibility. Our employees are data generalists with a love for IT, as well as being qualified in process and project management. Basic banking knowledge, the ability to manage complex processes, and strong skills in software programmes like SAP Bank Analyzer are the foundations for this challenging work. We are looking for specialised application administrators, requirements coordinators and data quality managers.

Information risk and security management

Security and IT are already key criteria for success in banking, and they are becoming ever more critical. Alongside our core business, we will have to operate much more extensively in control contexts in future. We implement new structures and processes and are completely re-conceiving our information risk and security management approach. As part of this, we are placing a big emphasis on strengthening our risk management, regulatory, back office and IT security divisions. The focus is geared around risk, rights and outsourcing management, amongst other things. Shifting away from traditional banking content, including programming and process-related technical data activities, which must be executed and arranged with extreme accuracy, requires a new breed of employee.

We need highly organised individuals who can shape processes, take on a variety of different tasks and react flexibly to digital developments. You need strong technical skills, personal initiative, the ability to gain buy-in from others and the necessary fortitude when it comes to controls. Creativity and pragmatism are as important as maintaining constructive dialogues with different departments.