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DZ HYP is a strong, competent financing partner to the cooperative banks. We support you in the successful and sustainable market positioning of cooperative banks in the commercial, residential, public-sector and private customer segments.

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Markus Krampe

Markus Krampe

Head of Retail Customers & Relationsship Manager Cooperative Banks, Public Sector


Subsidiary service provider and personal service

DZ HYP sees itself – on behalf of the Cooperative Financial Network – as a subsidiary service provider with a comprehensive range of products and services. Supporting the cooperative banks is a central element of DZ HYP's business activities.

It provides its partners with a team of dedicated support staff. Your primary contact for all matters is the regional director personally assigned to you and based in one of our Regional Centres. Each team is also assigned its own dedicated loan department and an expert from DZ HYP. Together with seasoned experts from the various business divisions, this service complements the Bank's local client offering, providing a comprehensive, effective range of product solutions.

  • The regional directors of the network coordinate the support for the cooperative banks and are the main point of contact for DZ HYP’s offer.
  • The basis for supporting the cooperative banks is the complete transparency and integration of all the activities available within the various business areas.
  • Specialists from the commercial, residential, public-sector and retail customers/private investor segments are on hand to assist the cooperative banks - in cooperation with the regional directors of the network, with their expertise in providing solutions and ideas.
  • By providing systematic support and active feedback in bank management discussions, DZ HYP is able to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Property categories

  • Residential properties (private homes, multiple-family dwellings, mixed-use properties)
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office properties
  • Shopping malls
  • Specialist retailers / DIY stores / furniture stores
  • Logistics properties
  • Institutional hotel properties
  • Operation of nursing homes for the elderly
  • Car parks
  • Industrial / production facilities used by third parties
  • Inner-city property developments with certified building lease potential