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A sense of responsibility for a sustainable future.

DZ HYP is committed to sustainability in everything we do, from the environmental protection projects we launch or support to the business strategy we follow, from our efforts to empower the next generation to how we interact with stakeholders. We have set ourselves clear goals and ensure that we provide clients, partners and employees with as much transparency as possible in terms of our sustainability activities.

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Lukas Kölln

Lukas Kölln

Sustainability Manager

Social responsibility

Building trust through commitment

DZ HYP, as a company, is part of society. As such, we want to promote development and foster the public good in the areas we are active in. And that is what we do – as an employer, a trainer, a client, and a taxpayer, but also through our commitment to society. The cooperative basic values of aiding empowerment, solidarity, partnership and social commitment are the cornerstones of our activities. Throughout Germany, we support a large number of social projects and institutions, as well as non-profit organisations in our fields; in addition, we support social commitment within the Cooperative Financial Network.

Social Commitment

As with the cooperatives, aiding empowerment is the leitmotif of the Hamburger Spendenparlament (HSP – Donations Ballot), which DZ HYP has been supporting for numerous years. The HSP sees itself as the initiator for social projects and initiatives fighting homelessness, poverty and loneliness in Hamburg. With 3,400 members, the HSP is one of the largest charitable organisations in Hamburg, with an excellent reputation. Since 1996, more than 11 million euros have been donated to over 1,200 projects.

In 2018, DZ HYP supported the “United Kids Foundations walk4help”project, initiated by Volksbank Braunschweig-Wolfsburg, with a donation.  The United Kids Foundations children’s network is active in the areas of educational support and promoting talent, healthy diet, integration, fighting physical inactivity, combating poverty and preventing violence. Once a year, United Kids Foundations organises the “walk4help” – a sponsored run that collects money for (and raises awareness about) the fight against child poverty in the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region.

Another social project we donated to in 2018 was the Schmetterling Neuss e.V. initiative. This association was founded in 2002, and helps families affected by the illness, disability or death of a child. Thanks to the voluntary commitment of all helping hands and the donations, affected families obtain services such as assistance and psychological support free of charge.

DZ HYP also donated to Vinzenzwerk Handorf e.V., a home for traumatised children and teenagers under Catholic trusteeship, offering more than 150 children, teenagers and young grown-ups a place to live.

Freund statt fremd e.V. is a Bamberg-based association, founded in 2011 with the aim of helping refugees. Just two years later, the association was granted the prize for civil courage "Handeln statt Wegschauen" (Acting instead of Looking Away) by the city of Bamberg. Since then, the association has been continuously growing and now even has its own meeting place; it has become a permanent element in regional refugee aid. We were happy to donate to Freund statt fremd e.V. in 2018, too.

Alongside further customer donations, DZ HYP also doubled the employees' annual Christmas collection, as usual. The donation went to the “wish van” project organised by the German Federation of Samaritan Workers (ASB-Wünschewagen) and to the charity “basis und woge e.V.” for its KIDS project.

For a few years now, we have refrained from sending Christmas cards. With the amount saved, we support social projects suggested by our employees; among others, to the charity organisation Kindernothilfe which stands up for children globally and advocates for their rights.

We held our fifth Social Day in the summer of 2018, when we exempt employees from work in order for them to be able to support social projects. For one day, DZ HYP employees helped spruce up the gardens at the "Sternenbrücke" children's hospice in Hamburg during their working hours.

Related Field Project Support

The employees of DZ HYP have been providing aid to the DZ BANK Microfinance fund for many years, and continued to do so in 2018. The Microfinance Fund extends small loans to people in developing countries, mainly to women who – thanks to these loans – are able to build a business, create jobs and independently improve their living situations, in line with the cooperative principle of aiding empowerment. The DZ BANK microfinance fund was founded by DZ BANK employees more than ten years ago. In 2012, it was converted into a cooperative with over 250 members,

Promoting the German Association for the CLUB OF ROME is an important cause to DZ HYP, which is why we provide the Club with facilities at DZ HYP House, Hamburg. DZ HYP is the host and financial backer of the annual meeting of the CLUB OF ROME schools network. The Bank was recognised as an educational partner for the schools in 2015, allowing it to contribute to the implementation and expansion of the CLUB OF ROME school network’s activities at national level.

Within the scope of the "Schools and Business Partnership" project launched by a chamber of commerce and industry, DZ HYP cooperates with two schools in Munster, with the aim of helping pupils obtain practical experience for their vocational orientation via internships and visits, and fostering their understanding for economics. Acting as 'training ambassadors', selected vocational trainees visit schools, giving authentic insights into the vocational training required to become a bank officer, and into the dual course of study. Furthermore, DZ HYP offers pupils internships within the state-wide project "Don't leave school without the prospect of a job" ("Kein Abschluss ohne Anschluss").

Cooperative Charitable Support

The recipients of DZ HYP support include organisations promoting or researching the idea of cooperative banks and the cooperative movement, such as the Research Institute for Cooperative Studies at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg,and the Friendly Associations Förderverein zur Stiftung GIZ e.V. and Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Instituts für Genossenschaftswesen at Philipps University Marburg/Lahn.

Together with DZ BANK and other companies within the Cooperative Financial Network, we also support the Active Citizenship Association (Aktive Bürgerschaft), which advocates civic action, non-profit organisations, and a fair and powerful civic society.