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A sense of responsibility for a sustainable future.

DZ HYP is committed to sustainability in everything we do, from the environmental protection projects we launch or support to the business strategy we follow, from our efforts to empower the next generation to how we interact with stakeholders. We have set ourselves clear goals and ensure that we provide clients, partners and employees with as much transparency as possible in terms of our sustainability activities.

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Lukas Kölln

Lukas Kölln

Sustainability Manager

Our employees

Continuous professional development

Supporting our employees in developing their professional and personal skill is an important part of our Human Resources activities. We offer a broad range of training and continuing professional development (CPD) options, comprising in-house seminars, departmental training, team-building measures, workshops, language classes and IT training, and we continuously adapt this range to meet current requirements, for example with regards to regulation. Our employees may also attend external seminars and visit other companies.

The trainings and seminars focus on professional development measures, but also deal with soft skills, i.e. personality, team spirit and collaboration, as well as target-group-specific topics (business empowerment in sales, advancement of female potentials). In the context of such soft skills, three formats are now especially well-established: “Identifying your own strengths and potential”, “Assuming responsibility for yourself” and “Reflecting on your personal mindset”.

A professional top-notch offer in our CPD programme is the DZ HYP Real Estate Academy, which we established in 2010 in cooperation with the International Real Estate Business School (IRE|BS) of the University of Regensburg, one of the most renowned secondary education and training establishments in the real estate sector. Within the scope of three compact learning modules, IRE|BS instructors provide a sound insight into the real estate business during the course of one year. DZ HYP also offers employees the possibility of enrolling in a part-time study programme.

Further to existing measures, DZ HYP plans to expand its CPD offering towards age-appropriate learning.