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A sense of responsibility for a sustainable future.

DZ HYP is committed to sustainability in everything we do, from the environmental protection projects we launch or support to the business strategy we follow, from our efforts to empower the next generation to how we interact with stakeholders. We have set ourselves clear goals and ensure that we provide clients, partners and employees with as much transparency as possible in terms of our sustainability activities.

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Lukas Kölln

Lukas Kölln

Sustainability Manager

Ecological responsibility

Safeguarding of Resources

To keep the negative impact of our business activities on the environment as low as possible, we are working on systematically reducing our use of resources and, wherever possible, switching to more climate-friendly alternatives.

For example, we use recycled printer and copier paper only, Blue Angel certified paper to be precise, and we solely use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for marketing material and publications.

To cut down on business-related travel, we are raising employee awareness and increasingly making use of video and teleconferences. We are further encouraging employees to increase their use of low-emission public transport wherever possible, providing transit cards (Jobticket) and transit allowances for existing season tickets as a financial incentive. Complementary bicycle parking places are available at our headquarters in Hamburg.

We set great store by a fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicle fleet. For example, our employees have been able to use a BMW i3 electric car for business-related travel in Hamburg. In our underground garage, we provide two parking spaces equipped with fast charging stations.

Our Hamburg staff restaurant has long been committed to high-quality products, whose origins and production chains are transparent. We prefer humanely raised meat and MSC-certified fish for our meals. Fruit and vegetables mainly come from our region as well, and are offered according to seasonality. Dairy products are mainly provided by a small local creamery cooperation.

Furthermore, we take part in  the “KlimaTeller” project of the charity Greenflux e.V.: every Wednesday, in our canteen in Hamburg, we offer no red meat products, nor any dairy products with fat content above 15%.