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A sense of responsibility for a sustainable future.

DZ HYP is committed to sustainability in everything we do, from the environmental protection projects we launch or support to the business strategy we follow, from our efforts to empower the next generation to how we interact with stakeholders. We have set ourselves clear goals and ensure that we provide clients, partners and employees with as much transparency as possible in terms of our sustainability activities.

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Lukas Kölln

Lukas Kölln

Sustainability Manager

Ecological responsibility

Climate Strategy

Going green on electricity and leveraging energy savings. Since 2013, we have sourced 100 per cent of our electricity from renewable energy sources. To be precise, we consume certified hydroelectricity only. We have taken a number of measures to further reduce our electricity consumption. Apart from raising awareness with our employees, for example concerning the avoidance of standby power loads, enhancing energy efficiency is a major topic. We are increasingly combining energy-efficient LED with movement-sensitive lighting and demand-based lighting controls (e.g. for timing and intensity), for example at our Hamburg headquarters,

and continue to put the retrofit measures planned for our Hamburg offices into more concrete terms. As energy-related optimisations are a central theme to this project, we will also modernise our central heating system and chimneys. By installing a cogeneration unit and replacing the existing furnaces we will be able to cover practically the entire the base load of the building. Peak electricity demand will be met with a photovoltaic system, enabling us to generate part of the energy we use ourselves. Parts of the air conditioning and air handling systems will also be upgraded to state-of-the-art technologies in energy consumption and air quality control. We aspire to be certified “Silver” by the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V. – “DGNB”) following completion of these measures.